Raccoon In Your Trash Can

With the light of the moonThere is a raccoon Diggin' through the disregards of man In your trash can Let him dance Let him dance He devours yesterday's apple core While you count sheep and snore SPLICK! SPLAM! SPLACKET! Jammin' on that half strung tennis racket Let him dance Let him dance He Tricks the neighbor's cat Impersonating a Davy Crockett hat Then continues to feast on old doughs and jelly While tapping his toes and rubbing his belly Let him dance Let him dance When the night is danced away and the sun breaks for day You'll be awaken with a crash By the dancing raccoon in your trash [audio:http://documentofadaydream.com/songs/ndwn/Raccoon In Your Trash Can.mp3|titles=Raccoon In Your Trash Can]